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Introducing the Roundable Referral Program

An opportunity for users to earn travel dollars by simply sharing the app with friends and family.

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We are proud to present the Roundable Referral Program. Community engagement and "word of mouth" is the most powerful form of marketing, and we want to reward users who spread the word about Roundable!

How it works:

Unique Referral Codes: Each Roundable subscriber receives a unique referral code. This code enables you to earn more travel dollars. You can find your own referral code under "Profile" > "Edit Profile" in the Roundable app.

Share and Invite: Once you have your referral code, you can start sharing it with your friends, family, and colleagues. When they sign up for the Roundable app using your referral code, both you and your referral will receive travel dollars as a thank-you for growing the Roundable community.

Earn Travel Dollars: Every successful referral will earn you both $25 (USD) of travel dollars each. These travel dollars can be used to enjoy discounts on accommodation and other travel-related expenses, making your travel experiences more accessible than ever.

No Limits: There's no cap on how many referrals you can make. The more people you invite, the more travel dollars you can earn.

The Roundable Referral Program offers several key benefits:

• Reward Sharing: Sharing an app you love is always a great feeling, and we are making sure you are rewarded for your efforts. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

• Unlock Travel: With the travel dollars you earn through successful referrals, your travel plans are one step closer. Whether it's a dream vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Roundable helps you get there.

• Community Building: The Roundable Referral Program fosters a sense of community among users. As more people join the Roundable ecosystem, you'll be part of a growing network of like-minded individuals.

We are excited to present this offering to our users and look forward to you reaping the Travel Dollar rewards!

Roundable, it all stacks up!


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