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Earn Travel Dollars by simply using Roundable.

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Roundable Travel Dollars are here! Travel Dollars are part of a reward program for using the Roundable app.

There are a number of ways to earn Travel Dollars:

Sign-Up to Roundable: When you sign up for Roundable, you instantly earn $250 (USD) Travel Dollars as a welcome bonus.

Percentage Rebate on Round Ups: Roundable lets you round up your everyday transactions to the nearest dollar and use that additional "spare change" to buy crypto. With the Travel Dollar Reward Program, you also get a percentage rebate on your round-up transactions. A "Starter subscriber" can expect a 10% rebate, while the "Premium subscriber" will receive a generous 50% rebate on their round ups!

Monthly Subscription Rebate: All Roundable users receive a 100% monthly subscription rebate. It's a rewarding way to make your subscription feel even more valuable.

Referral Program: By referring friends and family to join and use the Roundable app, both parties can earn $25 (USD) Travel Dollars. More about our Roundable Referral Program can be found here.

There are no earning limits on how many Travel Dollars you can accumulate. The more you engage with Roundable and share it with others, the more you enrich your travel fund.

What can I do with my Travel Dollars?

Your Travel Dollars are incredibly versatile. From inside the Roundable app, under "Wallet", you can redeem them for discounts on hotels, activities, transport, and lounges that suit your adventure plans.

Our Roundable Travel website is also under construction, so if you aren't yet able to use the Roundable app you can get a glimpse of what the Travel Dollar Rewards are all about!

Roundable, it all stacks up!


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